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Canadian Film Centre Teaser

1hr Drama with Dark Comedy

Created & Written by Karen Nielsen

*Series Currently Under Option​


Written, Directed & Produced

by Karen Nielsen


A young girl, her dog and a stranger find themselves stranded together in a post apocalyptic world.




Music Video

Written, Directed & Produced

by Karen Nielsen


Artist: Layton Keely

The song is about a young girl Grace who is stranded alone in the apocalypse struggling to survive and keep her humanity at the same time.


Download the song for free at:


Short Family Drama

Directed & Produced by Karen Nielsen


Charlie, all of 11 years of age, follows a wayward baseball into an old house and finds Mack, an old man that time forgot. Together, they embark on a journey of friendship, which leads to the ultimate pickle for Charlie, who must find the strength to do what’s right even if it leads to his own decline.


Short Dance

Written, Directed & Produced by

Karen Nielsen

A woman is thrust into an alternative reality during a drug induced high where she is dancing in a world of her own.  The woman's perceptions are shaken as her two realities collide.  As the intensity heightens and her confusion escalates, she is forced to choose between her two loves.


Short Drama

Written, Directed & Produced by

Karen Nielsen


Dramatic short film about a woman who is haunted by a rapist she could never identify, Jennifer struggles to find a way to escape the memory and nightmares of the night she was raped.  In doing so she ends up finding herself confronted by the rapist she was unable to fight off before.

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